Every bride wants to look amazing on her Wedding Day.
One of the most powerful motivations for losing weight before your big day is to look and feel amazing in your perfect dress
(with your perfect man by your side of course!)

That’s where Real Food Real Weightloss can help you. If your Big Day is approaching and you’d still like to lose a couple of kilos before you say ‘I DO’ then we love to show you how to achieve proven and lasting weightloss goals in just six weeks with our unique and high effective Bridal Program.

At Real Food Real Weightloss we can assist you to make that dream come true with fast safe weightloss that will result in a big difference on the scales and help you to feel truly fabulous on your wedding day.

You don’t have to endure those slimming shakes, hours of boot camp and best of all no starvation on this program – you get to eat real food while receiving support and advice from internationally recognised experts.

The Bridal Program lasts for six weeks; it is an individualised, medically based rapid weightloss system that actually works! The program involves two main stages broken down into two concective periods of three weeks- firstly is the fat burn stage where you can lose anywhere from 0.25kg- 0.5kg of weight per day and then the reset period which helps the basal metabolic rate to improve and help set your new weight for the rest of your life.

There are unique aspects to our Bridal program:

  • Totally Medically supervised
  • Incorporating HCG delivered via a nasal spray that works with your body’s hormones to accelerate weight loss
  • Personalised support via Phone/Email/Skype/Support group/online Facebook forum
  • Program is personalised to ensure you get the results you want and the support is always there when you need it

The Health benefits from following the program:

  • Rapid safe weight loss
  • Long term weight management that lasts long after the Honeymoon
  • Improved energy levels as you enter this exciting new phase of your life
  • Improved digestive health
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Supports healthy blood suagr levels
  • Supports cardiovascular health

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