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Welcome to the Real Food Real Weightloss Reset Meal Menu.

All Lifestyle meals are under 500 calories, with health fats not only nutritious also DELICIOUS!

Real food freshly prepared for you – bringing flavour and nourishment to weight loss and wellness

Meals containing miracle noodles – cannot be frozen

Chia ‘n Dukkha Crusted Tenders with Quinoa Salad 484 calories

Satisfying and healthy!
Delicious, healthy warm salad with chia and dukkha-encrusted chicken tenderloin served with quinoa, roast sweet potato, beans, spinach and cashew nuts. (Gluten Free)

Lean Cajun Pork with Apple, Goji Berries ‘n Greens 230 Calories

Being good tastes wonderful!
Tender cajun spiced lean pork fillet with fresh apple and goji accompaniment, served with market fresh broccoli and beans. (Gluten Free)
Ingredients: Pork Fillet, Cajun Spice Mix, Sweet Potato, Kale, Apple, Goji Berries, Cinnamon (Contains traces of Nuts.)

Shaved Parmesan and Turmeric Roasted Chicken 358 Calories

Being good tastes wonderful!
Tender Turmeric & Parmesan roasted chicken breast served with roasted pumpkin, Spanish onion and fennel. Light in calories, full of flavour. (Gluten Free )
Ingredients: Chicken breast, pumpkin, onion, fennel, parmesan cheese, turmeric, parsley, sea salt, olive oil