Fat Burn Menu

Welcome to the Real Food Real Weightloss Fat Burn Meal Menu.

All fat burn meals are under 220 calories, low carb and low fat.

Real food freshly prepared for you – bringing flavour and nourishment to weight loss and wellness

Meals containing miracle noodles – cannot be frozen

Moroccan Chicken 170 calories

Surprising zesty spices…….
Sweet yet lemon zesty Moroccan chicken tenders with spiced roasted cauliflower, cherry tomatoes and spinach.

Roast Beef Mash ‘n Veg 171 Calories

Simple & tasty…………

Tender roast beef with mustard & herb cauliflower mash and braised spinach, zucchini and red cabbage.

Mexican Beef ‘n Noodles 218 Calories

Hearty comfort food – delicious as is, add guacamole or sour cream if you have the calorie or protocol allowance……

Our own secret blend of Mexican ‘herbs and spices’, lean beef, smoked chili pepper Konjac noodles and spinach. (DO NOT FREEZE)

Thai Chicken with Noodles 172 Calories

Sweet Thai flavours………

Seasoned chicken tenders served on spicy Konjac noodles with hint of ginger, chili and garlic and a side of braised spinach and zucchini, garnished with fresh coriander (DO NOT FREEZE)

Herb ‘n Mustard Chicken Tenders w’ Cauliflower Cream & Greens 169 Calories

Simple, green and tasty………

Chicken tenders marinated with our signature mustard and herbs with a simple side of cauliflower cream, braised zucchini and spinach

Massaman Chicken ‘n Cauliflower Mash 174 Calories

Filling yet very moreish………

Subtle tomato based Massaman chicken curry served with spinach and creamy cauliflower mash.

Greek Style Beef Zoodles 201 Calories

Greek Style Beef Zoodles
Happy hearty nourishing……………

Roasted eggplant, zucchini, oregano beef mince sauce served on zoodles with broccoli.

Basil, Garlic & Lemon Chicken ‘n Zoodles 169 Calories

Basil, Lemon and Garlic Chicken with Zoodles
Tasty, tart and comforting

Baked chicken with garlic, basil and lemon on Zoodles with cherry tomatoes and broccoli.

Turkey & Sage Burger 169 Calories

Fabulous…… feels naughty but its soooooooo good!

Turkey and Sage burger topped with oven roasted tomato sage sauce atop stock braised fennel and spanish onion.

Citrus Glazed Chicken Salad 142 Calories

Get your summer body on!

Fresh. Simple. Crisp salad with zesty dressing – citrus glazed chicken atop shredded daikon, snow pea sprouts, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and shallots.

Mongolian Beef 220 Calories

Rich, tasty and comforting

Lean beef slow cooked in a mongolian style marinade with a side of braised garlic and chilli chinese cabbage.

Spicy Prawn Salad 142 Calories

Refreshing taste of summer!

Fresh crisp salad of garlic and chilli prawns on a bed of fennel, snow peas, snow pea sprouts, cucumber, fresh herbs with a side of citrus, chilli and ginger sugar free dressing.

Snapper Salad 142 Calories

Refreshing taste of summer and only 142 Calories!

Refreshing lightly dressed summer salad with snapper, cucumber, daikon radish, Chinese cabbage, cherry tomatoes and our lemon herb dressing.

Thai Fish Cakes 162 Calories

A cool 162 calories!

Snapper red curry fish cakes on a bed of zoodles with sugar free sweet chilli sauce.