Our Team

KazKaz Windon


Kaz is our Program Manager and Director of Real Food Real Weightloss.

She offers a personalised and experienced approach to our program and for the last 10 years she has been the Practice Manger of 3 of Australia’s largest Holistic Health Clinics. Kaz leads our team with a unique and personalised approach to health and wellness.

She works closely with our staff, providing the tools and training they require to support our clients throughout their journey.

A caring, compassionate and motivated facilitator, trained by Dr Coates, Kaz has facilitated hundreds of weightloss programs, supporting each client through their program, encouraging them to obtain the best possible results.

Over the last 3 years she has been instrumental in researching and implementing changes to our program as necessary. She has a ‘get the job done’ attitude and will offer you all of the support, professionalism, motivation, advice and humour required, ensuring you gain the most out of your program.

 Dr Karen Coates


Dr Karen Coates is a practising medical doctor with over 30 years’ experience, she is the author of the best-selling health book ‘Embracing the Warrior’.  She lectures around Australia and internationally on nutrition and health issues as a highly respected expert in her field, as well as a regular presenter to guests at Australia’s leading Health Retreat.

Her work in Nutritional medicine over the past two decades allows a seamless integration of natural therapies with conventional pathways to health. She is passionate about her work with clients in the arenas of fertility, hormones, optimal wellness and weight loss.

Her research based approach to achieving and maintaining long term weight loss and improved health has led to the development of the Real Food Real Weightloss program.

Karen now proudly leads our team of experts in nutrition to help you achieve health, well-being, vitality and weight loss goals.

Dr Ruth QuinneyDr Ruth Quinney


Ruth is passionate about supporting her clients to improved health and wellness; she is a NZ medical graduate (Otago 1981) with a postgraduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine (1994).

With over 20 years’ experience in general practice; she now prefers to combine effective conventional medicine with alternative, preventative & holistic management. She safely prescribes nutritional supplements to treat those patients who do not want or cannot tolerate pharmaceutical drugs, or those patients for whom conventional medical management has been unsatisfactory.

Ruth provides professional advice to those of you who wish to safely combine pharmaceuticals with herbal or nutritional supplements. Combined with other treatment modalities, this is truly integrative medical practice.

As one of the founding Doctors of our Real Food program she works with our clients to minimize medical obstacles to weight loss and helps them achieve optimal well-being alongside weight loss goals.

Carolina Rossi

Carolina Rossi


With 10 years’ experience in Clinical Nutrition she plays an important role in our team.

With a Masters in Clinical Nutrition and a Post graduate degree in sports nutrition Carolina has assisted many high level athletes with their health and nutritional requirements.

She has been a consultant with our weight loss team for the past three years. Once you have reached your goal weight, Carolina will work with each client to design a lifestyle plan specific to your needs.

Her impeccable qualifications and common sense approach makes her the ideal person to ensure you stay on track with your goals long term.

Sue1Sue Eves


Sue joined our support team after losing over 40kgs on our program.

She brings with her personal experience, enthusiasm and the knowledge of how to successfully complete our program, she is able to provide empathy to those of you struggling with long term weight loss issues.

A caring and motivated support team member she facilitates weekly support appointments and guides our clients to obtain the best possible outcome for their individual programs.

Sue regularly facilitates our monthly support group meetings, where she provides support, practical advice and enthusiasm.