No Cook, Dairy Free, Black Bean Choc Fudge

By Deirdre Parkinson, Naturopath

There’s no doubt that Fudge is a high favourite for anyone with a sweet tooth. However it is very high in sugar, and if you’ve been diagnosed with a dairy allergy or need to lose weight, this alternative recipe might do the trick. You would never believe there are black beans in them!

As a legume, black beans are a good source of protein which reduces the craving for snacking, builds muscle, and helps balance hormones. The high fibre content in this recipe keeps the bowels regular, balances blood sugar levels, and reduces cholesterol.


1/4 cup coconut oil

1cup pitted medjool dates or if using dried pitted dates its best to cook them in the 1/4 cup  coconut oil first until they soften i.e. 5 mins.

1 ¼ cup cooked black beans (turtle beans), cannellini, or even chick peas.

1/4 cup raw cacao powder

1/4 cup either tahini or almond butter

2 tsp vanilla extract



Firstly blend the dates and the coconut oil. If using dried pitted dates you need to heat them in the 1/4 cup  coconut oil first until soft i.e. 5 mins.

Blend all the ingredients in food processor until smooth.

Using a spatula, press and flatten the mixture into loaf tin lined with greaseproof paper.

Using the same spatula, make incisions to precut into squares.

Refrigerate in freezer for at least an hour to firm up, them you can break them into the square shapes. They will store in freezer for a month, but you will most likely eat them all before the next day!.

Some suggested addition:add a scoop of your favourite vegan protoein powder- rice, hemp, or pea. They give a nice grainy texture if you used the tahini instead of the almond spread. Also you could add broken pieces of macadmaias or pecans..


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