Slow Down & Unwind

By Kaz Windon

Make the Time Every Day to Slow down and Unwind

Make sure you’re taking time out every day to slowdown and unwind – even 10 minutes will do. Most people say they don’t have time to stop, even for a short time, the truth is you can’t afford not to!

When you take just a few minutes to unwind, you will feel refreshed and motivated to accomplish the things you need to get done.

Why not take a walk along the beach, sit and enjoy quiet time in the garden, draw a bath and soak away – whatever you choose, make it time for you – no phone, no computer, no interruptions…enjoy the benefits of regular you time!

Positive Energy

Nothing is healthier than a positive attitude. Healthy people know that tomorrow is a new day and that no matter what happens good can come out of every situation. When we stay positive, we don’t let things like eating too much or skipping a workout affect us. We don’t let small setbacks prevent us from getting back on track, or trying a bit harder tomorrow. A bad run is a learning experience. Too much food was a temporary lapse in judgement that is easily corrected by recommitting. Not only are healthy people positive about setting and working toward goals, but healthy people are positive about life in general. Each day is an opportunity to improve and contribute.

Which of these healthy habits do you practice? Which one are you going to work on developing this week?

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