Meet your support team



Sue is our Program Manager and Director of Real Food Real Weightloss who joined our support team in 2013, after successfully achieving her healthy weight loss goals on our program. Under the guidance of Dr Karen Coates and our beautiful former Director, Kaz Windon, Sue was trained in all aspects of our highly successful weight loss program. She has always felt grateful to have been given this opportunity and is honoured to carry on Kaz’s legacy since her passing in 2020.

She brings with her, personal experience, enthusiasm and the knowledge of how to successfully complete our program. She is able to provide empathy to those struggling with long term weight loss issues.

Caring and motivated, Sue has facilitated hundreds of weight loss programs through weekly support appointments and guides our clients, with practical advice, to obtain the best possible outcome for their individual programs.



Dr Karen Coates is a practicing medical doctor with over 30 years’ experience, she is the author of the bestselling health book ‘Embracing the Warrior’.  She lectures around Australia and internationally on nutrition and health issues as a highly respected expert in her field, as well as a regular presenter to guests at Australia’s leading Health Retreat. 

Her work in Nutritional medicine over the past two decades allows a seamless integration of natural therapies with conventional pathways to health. She is passionate about her work with clients in the arenas of fertility, hormones, optimal wellness and weight loss. Her research based approach to achieving and maintaining long term weight loss and improved health has led to the development of the Real Food Real Weightloss program. 

Karen now proudly leads our team of experts in nutrition to help you achieve health, well-being, vitality and weight loss goals