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Tracey lost 28Kg on RFRW


Kaz lost 19Kg on RFRW


Sue lost 40Kg on RFRW


Nikki lost 7.5Kg on RFRW


Carla lost 6kg in 3 weeks!


Alice lost 10Kg on RFRW


Return Client

Nikki Taylor

Lost 7.5 kg

It is with so much delight that I offer this testimonial to Sue Eves from Real Foods for all the amazing inspiring support and coaching during my time on the Real Foods program.

Having recently completed my first time with Real Foods, I was totally blessed to have someone like Sue as my coach and support or should I say, my absolute go-to person. Yes, there were some challenging times and there was Sue right there when I needed her to support me on my weight loss journey.

The communication from the start of the program was exceptional and personalised. I started only in January 2021 and completed the three phases by mid-March 2021, losing a total of 7.5 kilos.

What can happen is you can go through the food or weight stress emotionally and mentally and having a coach is what supports the journey. I feel so good and my mindset is what Sue has also helped me with. I am so happy with the progress on this program and super keen as Sue knows to do another round this year. I have done this similar before but never to the end and wouldn’t have had such a great loss and stabilised where I am today without the coaching from Sue.

I look forward to keeping in touch with the program and know the support will always be there. Sue, you are simply one amazing coach and thank you for being there for me.


Age: 39

Like many others, my weight has been an issue almost my whole life.  I have tried a million diets.  Some worked for a while, some didn’t work at all, some worked but made me feel hideous and others were just too off the wall to be something I could commit too. 

A number of years ago, I was finally able to lose a lot of my weight through very strict calorie control and exercise.  When I started the diet I started on 1200 calories per day and when I finished the diet, I was told that I then needed to stick to that.  Which I did. 

Over the next few years, I started to notice that I actually couldn’t consume even 1200 calories per day or I would gain weight.  So I dropped my calorie intake to 1000, which worked, for a while.  Eventually this year, I noticed that rarely, if ever, I ate over 900 calories but boy if I did my weight skyrocketed. So slowly I gained 6 kg.  I couldn’t possibly lower my calories any more, I couldn’t exercise more than what I was already doing so it seemed I was stuck with the extra weight. Until that is, I discovered Real Food Real Weightloss.

I am a skeptic (after all those failed attempts), so I did my own research.  I talked to people doing it, I read the manuscript, I sat back and watched my work colleagues shrink AND remain happy!  So obviously I had to try it.

I lost 6 kg in 3 weeks.  It was easy, it was fun to stand on the scales every day, it was exciting!!  And just quietly, I loved that I wasn’t allowed to do the strenuous exercise…I enjoyed the rest.  So losing the weight was great, but what I really wanted to see was if the results would last….

After finishing the program completely back in April, I have remained consistently within the recommended weight range.  I pretty much eat around the 1200 – 1500 cals per day (almost double what I once was eating!!).  Added to that, if I ever have a blowout (like we all do), I just cut out carbs for the next day or two and the weight is gone.  This is UNHEARD of for me.  I am just so pleased that I took the plunge. I really do feel like my metabolism is fixed!!  I would love another 3kgs, so later this year (just before my 40th) I plan on doing the program again… I can’t think of a better way to turn 40 than to look the best I have in my whole life.  It’s a little gift to me.

Sandra Young

Age: 51

I wish to thank you so much for the program. The program has given me quick weight loss so that I can see and feel the difference. I’ve been battling food allergies, water retention and a whole lot of aches and pains for over ten years. Doing this program has given me the following:

  • The Troche has given me time to rest my digestive system. It has supported me so that I never felt hungry or felt like I needed to snack to get some energy.


  • I found the program easy to do and the quick weight loss and releasing the water retention is a bonus for me. I just couldn’t stick to my limited diet before because I always felt so hungry. During the final phase I am slowly introducing foods back into my diet to see which foods I can tolerate.


  • The program provided me with support so that I had an opportunity to break old habits i.e. reaching for chocolate in emotional and stressful times. I now know that I feel better, look better and generate more energy by eating good natural foods. Those sugar highs and lows were a nightmare; I just don’t crave sugar at all now.


  • I had thought that my ghrelin and leptin didn’t work but now, I know when I am hungry and when I am full.


I would highly recommend this program as it gives fast results and support.

Thank you so much, it really is life changing.

Alice Crawley

Age: 42

The Real Food Real Weight Loss Program has been life changing for me. I struggled with my weight and relationship with food for most of my life and the Real Food Real Weight Loss Program has brought me to a place where I feel more confident in my body than I have ever felt.

Thanks to this program, at age 42, I am leaner, stronger, fitter and more energised than I felt even in my 20’s. I had been on countless diets and detoxes over the past 20 years attempting to lose extra kilos and this is the first program which has REALLY worked.

My body shape has completely transformed – I lost over 10 kilos after two rounds on the program, 12% body fat and over 30 centimetres in total from my torso and the fat has come off all the right places.

Not only have I achieved and maintained these great results but this program has helped me develop a healthy relationship with food. I feel comfortable and balanced now in my approach to nutrition thanks to the expert guidance that has been given to me along the way.
I’m truly grateful to this program and the amazing support which I received from The Real Food Real Weight Loss Team – I felt companioned every step of the way which played a huge role in my success.

Huge thanks to the Real Food Real Weight Loss Program and Team – I am so grateful that I found you!!




I have done the program several times over a number of years. Sue’s  support and knowledge is always invaluable.

Although, I’ve had trouble keeping to a better lifestyle consistently, the shifts are cumulative and when I do the program

again – I  get a little closer to maintaining at the best weight, fat mass for my age and body shape.  It is not only about the

fat loss (as important as that is), it’s about resetting myself with better energy and better sleep patterns. It is part of my

ageing well plan!  I’ve done the program solo and, this time, with friends…. It worked for each of us.

Kathy (Melbourne)

Nov 2021