Let us answer some of those for you

Our data shows us that you can expect to lose between 6-10kgs in the 6 week initial round of our program. Most of this weight will be lost in Phase 2 – Fat burn. The average weight loss for women is 8.6kgs over the 6 week program. Most men do better than this with an average weight loss of 10kgs.

Traditionally, weight loss programs focus on less calories in/more calories out. Our program focuses on improving the efficiency of your metabolism combined with education to support long term weight stabilisation.

Constipation is common, therefore we proactively manage this from the beginning of your program. 

Mood Swings. Some clients have experienced mood change during the first week, this is generally in relation to the detox effect. This is usually followed by a heightened sense of wellbeing. 

Headaches. The exclusion of sugar, gluten and alcohol may cause headaches. This is due to a detox effect and usually resolves within a week. We encourage you to increase water consumption to minimise the occurrence of headaches. Pain medication can be used temporarily. 

Leg Cramps. Leg cramps are rare. When they occur this generally due to magnesium deficiency. 

Generally no. The HCG hormone releases large amounts of unwanted fat and converts this fat into calories. This is sufficient to prevent hunger in the vast majority of people. Those experiencing hunger generally have not followed our loading protocol correctly.

HCG weight loss does not require exercise for you to lose weight, however if you participate in regular exercise, reduce the intensity. We recommend you listen to your body. If your hunger increases or your weight loss stalls this may be because you have over-exercised.

Yes. A vegetarian option is provided for all phases of the program.

REAL FOOD! Fresh fruit, vegetables, salad and proteins are included in all phases of the program. Recipes are available in your program booklets and on our website. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

Our program is medically supervised and fully supported, your weight loss consultant is available throughout your program if you have any concerns.