Lost 28kg!

After a recent diagnosis, I had 28kg to lose to get my health back. The diagnosis made me aware that I needed a weight loss program that was run by health professionals. I found Real Food Real Weightloss through a friend with the same condition who had had success with the RFRW program. I had unsuccessfully tried other diet programs and eating regimes in the past, but because this program addressed my health concerns I would give it a go. 

Even though I started the program with a weight loss goal, I quickly came to realise that I had to embrace being ‘the captain of my ship’. I had to commit to creating my own journey or I would fail. I knew I had to keep going even when it got hard because if I kept on thinking and acting in my ‘old ways’ I was never going to make it, and would once again feel very disappointed in myself. 

I have not been perfect on the RFRW program but, from keeping the food diary daily, I’ve learnt new things every week. Losing the weight took longer than I initially expected. Some days have been hard, especially when the weight loss slowed, or I gained kgs. Sometimes I chose to be polite over the diet, especially over the holiday periods and I started putting on weight again towards the end of the Covid-19 lockdown period. Each setback meant that my approach to the weight loss program got better over time. 

Through it all though, my ‘slimmer self’ kept calling me and I got to my goal weight 9 months after starting on the program. I learned so much about myself along the way and my sense of achievement is enormous! 

My latest blood tests show a marked improvement in all areas. My fitness and motivation are at a new high. I love exercising every day now and I know that I won’t go back to where I was before. Thanks so much to the RFRW crew for your unwavering support.