Learned Behaviour & Weight Gain?

By Dr Karen Coates

Were you told by your parents that you had to finish EVERYTHING on your plate before leaving the table, no matter how full you felt? Did you come from a family where refusal of food was seen as an insult to the cook? We develop lifelong habits from our family of origin.

Despite all good intentions these habits may not serve us well as stressed adults carrying extra weight around our middle.

Our relationship with food goes beyond that of pure nourishment. There are positive cultural and social aspects to the dinner table that feed not only the body but also the soul. But sometimes our relationship becomes toxic and creates a pathway to poor health.

Studies in neurophysiology tell us that it takes about six weeks to change brain pathways of learned behaviours, and a further six weeks to consolidate newer more positive behaviours.

The choices we encourage you to make during our 6 week weight loss program allow you to identify unhelpful connections with food and set you on a different and positive pathway.

The weeks following fat burn require an important commitment in order to cement theses new patterns of behaviour into the future. This is made all the easier because of the positive changes already occur in as a result of clean food an impassive weight loss on the fat burn phase of the program.